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How To Join

To join one of these party lines you will need to wait for the beep after the disclaimer has ended and press 1. Failure to press 1 after 10 seconds or pressing any other key will disconnect you and you will need to call back in. You will only need to do this once for the lifetime of the telephone number. If you call in from a new telephone number or an unknown number you will need to press 1 to confirm again.

Option 1: The Live Rooms

Those of you familiar with our systems will already know how to work the rooms. Depending on the system type there will either be 10, 21, or 100 rooms to choose from. On a 10 room system to join a room enter the room number, and to go back to the main menu press star. For 21, and 100 room systems you will need to press pound after the room number for rooms 0-9, and to go back to the main menu you will need to press star pound. For a complete list of all features press star star from inside any room or you can visit the features page.

Option 2: Instant Connections

The way this works is you choose whether you are a male looking for females, female looking for males, male looking for males, or female looking for females. Once you make your choice the system will match you up with another caller for a live one on one conversation. While connected you can exit back to the main menu by pressing 0 or you can press star to be matched up with the next caller on the system.

Option 3: Live Chat

I won't go into too many details as I don't want to give anything away but let's just say you can send messages back and forth and connect live but will also have a lot of other options not available on any other systems like this. It is going to be an amazing system and to be safe I will say 2 or 3 months away but it could be sooner.

Option 4: Voicemail Options

This will be a voicemail like no other. For that reason it is at least 3 months away. This voicemail will blow you away.

Option 5: Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards are new, and they are exciting. They are the best bulletin boards available anywhere. To find out exactly how they work click here for our Bulletin Boards.

Option 6: The Buddy List

This is a buddy list like no other. It is very complex and can do so many things. It is like a system all on its own. For this reason it will be built last and to get it just perfect I don't want to guess on when it will be done but trust me we are saving the best for last.

Option 7: Private Rooms

When you press 7 from the main menu it will ask you to enter any 1, 2, 3, or 4 digit room. These rooms will hold an unlimited amount of callers and can be used any time you want. To exit the private rooms you press star 0. You will then be taken back to the main menu.

Option 8: Place The System On Hold

It is what it is. When you press 8 from the main menu you will be in a room all by yourself. You will have peace and quiet and no one else will find you. When you are ready to continue press 0. You will then be taken back to the main menu.

Option 9: The Line Owner Menu

When you press 9 from the main menu you will be asked to enter your moderator code. This is your default moderator code that only you the party line owner should have. Once you login you will hear a menu that is just for you line owners to access. You only need to login once per call and anytime you go back to the menu and press 9 the line owner menu will play. To find out more click here for a list of all features on The Line Owner Menu.

Option Star: Contact Information

When you press star from the main menu a message will play. This message will be anything that a party line owner records for their system. Party line owners should mention whether they offer rooms, where they can be found on the system, or if they have a voicemail box where callers can leave messages. In the future once we have our voicemail system when you press star it will automatically forward you to their mailbox.